writing samples 



Plummeting through stratosphere.

Screeching. Struggling. CRASH.

I wake in an unfamiliar place.

Dazed and confused, examining  the horizon for refuge.

In the faint distance I can see the structure of a city. I pick myself up from the wreckage and make an attempt to forge a path toward the warmth of lights. Each step feels intensively labored. Lethargic. Famished. Engulfed by the weight of concrete that has encapsulated itself around on my lower extremity, I stop; extend my arms toward the light. I can feel the life draining from them. CLUNK, they fall quickly to my side, making a slapping sound as they hit my thighs. There is no one around. No life, no strength, just me, an alien on the outskirts of the city. 




Why are we fearful of darkness, 

Light, Light, 

Casting shadows into night, 

There can be no shadows,

Lest there be light, 

To fall behind, 

Means to cast, 

My light, your light, 

Let us cast shadows of light. 




Who am I?

I am a man, a dreamer. A person whose ambitions exceed tangible things. I have so much inside of me, things that are painfully pretty to bring to life. It’s like a magician performing the handkerchief trick – the magician places his hand in his breast pocket and pulls and tugs and pulls and tugs again at what seems like a never-ending, multi-colored handkerchief. Typically the response from onlookers is a gaze of wonder or whimsy, for me its look of mystery because no one really knows what colors next.

The best part of the trick is watching each color leaping vibrantly out of his pocket. More notably, each section of that handkerchief is tied together by small knots and with each knot brings a different but uniquely pure color to life.

Well, that’s me! I’ve gone through several transformations in life, each one tied together by small knots – sometimes the knots are painful but sometimes the knot is pretty – Strong but graceful periods tied to one another. Color filled with creativity, which enables me to discover something new, and those moments are connected with a DREAM.

Who am I? Well, I am dreamer, who dreams in multi-colors.